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Broadcast Television

We have been involved in various projects that have aired on broadcast television, from producing commercials, to creating motion graphics packages to producing specials and series.

We continue to evolve and move forward and are currently working on developing various productions for television.

We do welcome ideas and co-productions with other production companies and independent producers. To get in touch with us regarding television email us at


The Local View with Ted Hsu

Client: Liberal MP
Type: Motion Graphics Package 
We were approached by Liberal MP Ted Hsu to create a snappy intro and graphics package for his show on TVCogeco, The Local View with Ted Hsu.  As a result, we put together a 30-second introduction  along with a 10-second outro, a selection of lower thirds and a jump back.  We were happy to provide these key digital elements.  Be sure to tune in to Ted Hsu's half hour community televsion program highlighting local issues and federal perspectives, as well as discussions about topics of current interest on TVCogeco.


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