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Video production is our passion and we never want to stop exploring.  We believe everyone is our target market.  From live-streaming events to corporate creative projects to documentary videos, VIVA Productions offers a wide variety of video services.


We are always excited about new stories, concepts and ideas. From inception to the final product, VIVA delivers your video project in a timely, effective, and fully developed form. See below for some styles of videos we offer.



VIVA has been involved with the automotive industry for over 8 years.  We showcase dealerships, vehicles, salesman profiles and testimonials.  We love creating engaging content with a creative spin to draw in loyal car consumers.

Corporate and Government

 As an established production company, we have seen the changes in video over the last decade.  Our team brings a high level of professionalism and experience to each project.  We are adaptable and confident filming in any environment.  Working together, we can help stay true to your brand, while making an impact on your audience.

We are organized and deadline-oriented; we know how to make the most of your marketing budget. 

Corporate Creative

We believe crafting a strong story is the best way to reach your audience on a deep and meaningful level.  Taking a spin on your typical corporate video to fully engage the viewer has become the future of professional/commercial video.  Let us help create a concept, produce and distribute a compelling story for you or your company.


We can tailor commercials to suit your business' needs within the traditional standard 15-30 second time slot.  No concept is too great or too complicated.  Let us help make your ad stand out amongst the rest with thoughtful creative techniques and expert execution.


We are able to help craft your story from a documentary perspective on any theme or topic. From family documentaries for private use to film festival ready productions, VIVA takes the time to fully explore and utilize all media available to bring your documentary project to life. 

Long & Short Form Interview

We bring empathy and understanding to each project.  We truly enjoy the process of getting to know and tell people's stories.  Our skilled team and experienced interviewers make the interviewing process seamless and enjoyable. Let us help you and your subjects forget about the camera, and get to the heart of any given topic, however professional or personal. 

Live Streaming

With many years of experience in live streaming sports through Gaels on Station 14, our award-winning team is able to capture and webcast live events with ease.  Trained in capturing lectures, conferences, sports games and more, we can bring your event to anyone internationally through our live streaming services.

Sports Highlights

While your superstars are putting in work on the court, on the field, or in the water, we will capture with ease the memorable moments for your athlete or team. Have a record for years to come of key plays and iconic sports history through our talented videographers. Your championship season won't be complete without a stupendous highlight reel! Start with us to provide you with a one of a kind sports video today!

Anything in between!

Don't see what you are looking for? Don't worry! We can do it all. 

Let us know how we can help make your unique vision come to life.

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