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Sure we could keep telling you how great we are (and we are). But why don’t you see for yourself, and watch and hear what our clients have to say about working with us. 

Big Dig

Client: Downtown Kingston!
Type: Web Video
Downtown Kingston is the topic of conversation for many reasons- shopping, dining, nightlife- and for a short period of time, crater-sized holes in the middle of the street. It turns out this is a growing pain that comes with ripping up hundred year old infrastructure. The process left a number of people confused and well, a little grumpy to say the least.  On a side note, the workers’ consistently cheery mood made up for it- they were always so friendly!
In an effort to turn the publics’ frown upside down, we were approached by Downtown Kingston! to produce a video that showcased the importance of the Big Dig, and the downtown’s ability to thrive, even through the extent of its very necessary “facelift”. 
Within a few days, our team captured footage and interviews highlighting all the great things Downtown Kingston always had to offer, and still does.  Thanks to the completion of the Big Dig, it’s looking better than ever, so head downtown and “dig it”- so to speak.


Tourism Kingston

Client: Tourism Kingston
Type: Web Video
Kingston has so much to offer, and what better way of letting the world know than with a video?  Initially created for the purpose of promoting Kingston as an ideal conference location, the video you see above was condensed from a 16-minute showcase into a summarized web video. This project was a result of a large collaboration between multiple partners across the kingston area who each benefitted from a 1 or 2 minute video of their own.
Tourism Kingston asked us to update the shots of the Trolley once it had undergone a remodeling.  This was done and changes were made seamlessly, proving the versatility and ease of staying current with the use video marketing. 
Click here to watch the original Meetings and Conferences video. 


Grand Theatre Season Launch 2013-14

Client: The Grand Theatre
Type: Web Video/ TV Commercial
There's nothing quite like the Theatre, and Kingston is home to a real gem.  With four season launch videos and counting, the Grand is a perfect example of how a video campaign can work wonders for your brand.  Seeing as the main video was so successful, The Grand decided to reach out to a smaller audience- literally!  The Grand Theatre Kids season launch was a result of a creative spin off the original video featuring a child-friendly lineup and an adorable cast.  You can watch that video here.
This year, our client decided to go a little outside of the box and get the full potential out of their video. Not only were both the Grand Kids and Grand Main Season launch videos turned into 30 second TV spots, but they were played in Kingston movie theatres.  As a result, The Grand Theatre had a well-rounded video campaign with elements of web, television and movie theatre advertising.  Now that's the power of video.
If you haven't already seen the Grand Kids and Grand Main 30 second spots on the big screen, be sure to check them out!


Women In the MBA

Client: Queen's School of Business
Type: Web Video

The Queen's School of Business offers some of the most world-wide renowned MBA programs.  From their Advanced MBA to their Executive MBA to their exclusive Queen's-Cornell MBA.  While they continue to attract some of the best business minds from around the world, they were looking to expand their reach to get more women involved in their MBA program.  In any case, but especially when their clients are worldwide, web video is without a doubt a fantastic medium to reach their audience.  Cue Viva Productions.  For this project we worked with the client's vision to capture the true stories, thoughts and feelings of some of the women currently enrolled in the MBA program.  With precise and effective questions we were able to extract answers that told the story in a real and honest manner. 

The client was so impressed with the final product that we are now producing a series of videos for them.  Nothing says client satisfaction like hiring us for several other video projects!


Kingston: It Just Makes Sense

Client: Kingston Economic Development Corporation
Type: TV Commercial

In December 2011, Kingston hosted the Canadian Open Grand Slam Curling Championship event. Two of these curling matches were broadcasted across the nation on CBC Sports. KEDCO acquired national air time to promote the City of Kingston and asked us to produce a commercial that would showcase Kingston in a fast, fun and informative way.

We were on a tight deadline and had only a week to get the commercial into the hands of CBC. So we decided the use of motion graphics and stock footage that we had already shot around Kingston was the best choice. We created a similar video for KEDCO previously and they loved the concept so we elected to stick with something similar to also cut down on the process. Not only did we produce the commercial to the client’s satisfaction but we also facilitated the delivery of the commercial to all parties involved so our client had nothing to worry about. In the end we had another happy client, the commercial was delivered on time and was broadcasted across Canada.

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health Awareness

Client: The Jack Project
Type: Presentation & Web Video

This story is a sad one with an encouraging ending. In March of 2009, Queen’s University student Jack Windeler took his own life. Devastated by the loss of his son, Eric Windeler found the strength to start a journey to carry out his son’s final wishes – to help others. As a result Eric founded The Jack Project, with a mission to raise awareness for mental health issues in teens and young adults. Eric teamed with Queen’s University and Viva Productions to produce the first video on this subject telling his son’s story in an effort to raise awareness and help others.

In addition to having over 14,000 hits on YouTube (and growing), that initial video received national attention from media outlets such as CBC Newsworld, The National, Coach’s Corner, and various other stations across Canada.

The next project was a role play video to re-enact a scene about how to deal with someone who you may think is suicidal. That video is now being used internationally in Canada, Europe and Australia.

Happy with our work, Eric has continued to approach us for new projects. The video above is the latest produced that includes the original video, the role play video and other elements. Eric now uses this video during presentations when he is speaking to large crowds and also when he is not able to be two places at once while he travels the country. It shows how clients can properly utilize video to send a message when a face to face opportunity is not possible. It also correctly uses past work to create a new production to keep your product fresh and continue to engage audiences with new material that has been re-editing to suit your needs.

Getting Dinner on the Table: The Crock-Pot Brand’s 40th Anniversary

Client: Jarden Corporation
Type: Web Video

The Crock-Pot brand recently celebrated 40 years of getting dinner on the table. In order to share in the festivities with their loyal customers, they created a website and a national social media campaign. Jarden Corporation, the parent company of the Crock-Pot Brand, hired Global Communications and PR company Cohn & Wolfe to oversee the project. As a result, they acquired the services of Viva Productions to produce a video to lead their social media campaign.

We teamed with Culinary Expert Korey Kealey of Food Thought Communications to develop a web video that told the story of the Crock-Pot Brand’s presence in homes over the last 40 years. This video was shot and edited a 24 hour turn around. We know, pretty amazing huh? Not to toot our own horn but (toot! toot!).

All parties were very happy with the final product and the national attention the campaign received was a glowing success with our video prominently featured on the website’s main page.

Green Chemistry: From Lab to Market

Client: GreenCentre Canada
Type: Preasentation & Web Video

We’re proud to say GreenCentre Canada is one of our clients. This innovative organization orginally approached us to produce a video for their first spin-off company Switchable Solutions. Amid the success of the corporate video we produced, they returned to us with more work, this time for their inaugural event, Sustainable Chemistry Summit. With individuals flying into Kingston from all across the world for this event, GreenCentre wanted to start it off with a video that set the tone for the weekend.

So with shoot locations in Kingston, Toronto and Mississauga we produced this video to kick off the conference, needless to say our clients said we exceeded their expectations. In fact, GreenCentre Canada was so impressed with the video, they asked us to make a small alteration by inserting their logo on the end of the video so they could use it as their main corporate video. We were more than happy to oblige them.

On a side note, GreenCentre Canada also hired us to cover the actual summit and record their main speakers to make the videos available on youtube and their website after the event as well.

Become A Police Officer: Kingston Police

Client: Kingston Police Force
Type: Web Video

We’ve done work for the Kingston Police force for the past few years including a training video and a presentation video when they hosted the Ontario Police Chief Conference in 2010. They approached us again in 2011 to produce a recruitment video for the force. We were excited to make something dynamic and with high end motion graphics for them. We covered all aspects of the force and interviewed several officers to give a vast description of their line of work.

They loved the results and placed the video prominently on their website. As a result, it has received over 3000 hits to date and the video hits consistently continue to climb. Like several of our clients, we’ve established an ongoing relationship and look forward to working with the Kingston Police in the future on their next video project.

It Can: Scott Environmental Group

Client: Scott Environmental Group
Type: TV Commercial

This company came to us wanting a TV commercial that had more of a “national” feel rather than a “local” tv commercial production. They originally asked the local tv station to produce a commercial for them, but after unsuccessful attempts, the client was left unimpressed. SEG approached Viva Productions for the project. We created a concept, script, did casting, and created full production and post-production to hand over a commercial which the CEO said was “amazing!” the first time he viewed it. The commercial then ran during the Hockey Night in Canada Stanley Cup playoffs in spring of 2011.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Client: St. Lawrence College Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement
Type: Presentation

We’ve developed a very strong working relationship with St. Lawrence Corporate Learning and Performance Improvement and this was the original video that started it all. Some of the leading entrepreneurs in South Eastern Ontario attended a day long conference hosted by SLCCLPI and they wanted to start the day off in style and motivate the crowd for what was about to come.

With a tight deadline and not much time we decided royalty free footage and motion graphics could accomplish their goals with minimal production and focus more on post-production. This was actually one of our earlier motion graphics projects using After Effects. Not only did it set the mindset for the conference but it left an impression on many in attendance who eventually became clients of our’s.



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